About me

Aisyah Razak,

I live with that name in my entire life. I believe that names influence our destinies. Your name carries such a powerful message in portraying who you really are. So what does Aisyah means?

Some said it means 'a lady' in arabic. Some said it's a common name among Muslim woman. Some said it's the name of prophet's wife, Saidina Aisyah. A lot of people that I've met said that I should behave like Saidina Aisyah; full with grace and soft. A well-mannered lady. 

A part of me agrees with their views and a part of me trying to crawl and unmask the real me. Why don't you come out with your own definition of your name? Not blinded by those books, old folks beliefs, and society. So I have my own definition of my name "Aisyah".

I think that the alphabet "H" in "Aisyah" should be cut off. It gives such a firm tone and deliberately forcing people to curl their tongue. I'm against force and I prefer when people call me in a subtle and smooth way. Ending my name with a vocal "A" sounds dulcet, melodious and agreeable. Agree with my definition without them knowing what are they agreeing to. I won in this invisible battle. 

Aisya Razak loves to write. Writing is an escapism for her and to write line by line, it's like she opens up her heart and let people dig it. It's hurt to let people discover about her, but it must be done anyway. She's a horrible talker, communicating is not her tango. She needs to execute a well-planned on what to talk. The tone, word choice, topic, judgment, and thinking must be well chosen. 

Thus, I rather choose writing than talking. But the loophole here is the readers can't tell your tone and impression. Well, it's up to your understanding. A piece of writing can bring multiple interpretations. What's your cup of tea?