Saturday, November 29, 2008


ari jumaat me and my beloved sis go to JUSCO..

my aim is to watch TWILIGHT and on top my boy ~eDwaRD~

pagi2 buta nuoi memekik "aisyah bangun"

dan dgn mlsnyew aku pown bgn and i remember that we are going to ipoh..

nuoi is wearing black t-shirt why? coz edward is vampire..whut ever

im planning to wear black t-shirt but something wrong so i change my cloth..

omg im fwend nad has waiting 4 me for a loOng time..

tiket pkul 11.00 and now is 10.54 am i late... owh yes im late for 10 minutes..

but it's okey i watch the movie wif nad nuoi and her fweds late so have to wait for 1.30 hakhak..

time tgk twilight aku senyum jew edward so handome and nad sabar jew coz aku citer about twilight time tue..


after that we merayau x tentu psl.. and u know what 2.00 i have another movie antoo fighter utk teman nad okey lerw citer tue kitorg buat marathon

and then baru lerw mkn2 blh dikirakan breakfast 4 me although its 4.00 pm mkn dkat kenny rodger's nuoi and her fwens kat pizza hut sblh jew

lps tue pegi beli buku twilight 4 nad


and then ongkos tgh byk so pegi lerw padini beli baju


after that pegi secret resipe coz nad blanja cake but tipu jew..

5.40 me and nuoi pown blk happy

nad thanks for company me.. i lurve u muah

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