Monday, July 27, 2009

flash back

if i have power
to go to the past
what i want to do

i wish i can change the mistake that i have done
mistake that change everything
that change my whole life
that change myself

i wish i will never lie
hide the truth for my own priority
till now i never say the truth

i wish i will never say the words
that make someone hurt
that make someone cry
i wish i can take back the words
i wish he/she will never hear what i say

i wish i will get the permanent family
that will never go away from me
left me behind
without saying anything
when im still young
it's not fair
i wish i can stop him from go away
i wish i can stop his step out from house

i wish i will never make you cry
i know im not a good kid for you
i know i always make you angry
i know you wish to get such a wonderful kid
with good looking
with good attitude
not me
i wish i will never be your kid
i wish i will never drop your tears
i wish i will never

i wish i will never go through all this
i wish i can get such a wonderful life
i wish i can

but time will go on
the past is past
and i will never blame You for all this
its not Your fault and not my fault

this is my life supposed to be
and yes it's my own life

and my last wish
i wish i will never live in this world
for keep doing mistake
again and again
for keep doing the same mistake
for doing nothing benefit for myself
im not such a good person for you to trust

sometimes i wonder why i say yes to live in this world
am i wrong
i don't think so
i still trying to make my life as sweet as candy
i still keep trying
i still trying to accept people that will never try to accept me
i still keep trying

i wish my life will be short
maybe tomorrow is my day
who know
but im not brave enough to go
please im begging you
give me sometimes to change everything

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