Wednesday, September 8, 2010

you are my all

you are my sweet little candy
that make me feel like in my childhood time again
giving me a flashback of sweet moment

you are the lullaby in my mp3
that i keep in the number one track
and keep replay it everytime to bring the moment back

you are my little secret diary
that i write almost everything what i feel
about them, about you
and i still keep it in my locker

you are my shiny sunshine
that brightest my life
your smile make my day

you are my hot choclate
that keep me warm in midnight
make me calm and relaxe

you are guitar
singing th beautiful melody
till i fall asleep

you are my camera
shoot the most beautiful picture
to be keep in my album

you are my nike sneaker
that keep my feet walk in such a long journey
a journey to the heaven

that all the reason why i still keep you in the little space in my heart
you are my all

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