Wednesday, December 29, 2010

heyy PLKN !

a few things i want to ask and tips for those who have to join PLKN this year:

1.sudah packing brg?
2.brapa bnyk luggages bwk?
3.bring a lot of t-shirt ok?
4.girlfriends don't forget to bring along ur sunblock.haha!
5.hafal dan hayati lagu PLKN :)
6.bwk sabun basuh bj jenama BOOM.
*pesanan dr commercial break :D
7.girlfriends, left ur prada,marc by marc jacobs and all kind of heels at home.
8.have u bring deodorants and perfumes?
9.bring ur Mr teddy given by ur boyfriend if u miss him.
10.sacrifice for only 3 months! chayoo!!

i wish all the best and hey,u can get a lot of experiences and learning new things during the camp
yeah! thinks positive all my friends

miss you!

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