Monday, January 3, 2011

tomorrow & tomorrow

5th jan 2010
now i remember the date.

serius lupa
planning to celebrate with my friends
tak call lg
just wait and see

oh yeah
all i ever want:

1.skirt,cotton on
2.dress,pink evil's fashion supermarket
4.d5000 :)
5.handbag,oldl blossom box

dreaming if someone sing and play guitar for me for this song:
more than words



nurulain said...

weh,im planning to go to sunway pyramid this weekend.
can buy u clothes from cotton on.and of course will bring you to old blossom box this weekend too cause on 8th of jan,there will be the pre loved sale.go and check the shea's blog.wanna join?do call me!

aisyah said...

8th jan old blossom box ada pre love sale
i love to join u
nnt call