Sunday, February 27, 2011


firstly this post not showing that i fall in love or whatever
blogger don't ask me 'who's that lucky man?'
*no need

when it come about love
i feel like
'aduh malasnye..'
dear,i'm not expert in this thing
believe me
so that's why when my friends ask me about relationship and hoping me to give some
advice or opinion
my only word is
forget him
easy rite?

take couple of minutes and think about this
when you're in love
it's feel like in heaven

'baby i will do anything to show how deep is my love'
'i swear you're the only girl that i always think about'
'whatever you want tell me,i will find it for you'

agak2 la kan will this dialog ever lasting

when you have the answer do comment me
let me know

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