Saturday, March 5, 2011

awesome day with them

as salam and hi all my dearest blogger

out to kampar
yes,pekan kecil
what i love about kampar is the old vintage building
mcm pekan koboi
brick red building with wooden door mcm dekat bar

with two little sister izzati & her friend
not remember her name but i called her jade
*i love called her name jade :)

jalan sini jalan sana
tengok sini tengok sana
inilah yg berlaku bila berjalan dgn org yg sudah lama tak pergi ke kampar
minta maaf ye!
mmg penat berjalan dgn saya

then we meet along & family di tesco

thank God i wear something casual and comfort
plaid shirt paired with jeans,flat shoes and my sling bag
i'm done!

twins :)