Saturday, April 9, 2011

more than words

currently listening more than words
this song really can't stop me from smiling 24/7
i don't know why.maybe my mum is right.
oldies songs have something special about it.the lyrics,melody.everything.
perfect! and the most important thing it give you a soul.

i wish someone can sing and play guitar for my 18teen birthday
no one can make it but thanks to GG he send me this song through my facebook
really appreciate it :)
*pss,he is a good singer and top singer in kedah.hahaha!

have you watch Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging?
old movie, i really love the ultraviolet song by stiff dylan
the movie exactly about teenage girls in high school
yeah you know,walking at the field watching hot boys playing football
and jot down their name on the paper.
girls, you know it


Azizi Afiq said...


aisyah said...

org famous comment my blog

shafiq zulhilmi said...

so true. the oldies have their own soul. :)

try this. the carpenters,bryan adams,air supply. haha ni yg famous2 oldies la. ask yr mum. she'll knw bout it.

aisyah said...

carpenters.i know all her songs!
top of the world,yesterday etc.
air supply papa rock!
haha! goodbye lagu plg best
my mum have all oldies CD :)))