Sunday, April 10, 2011

stop killing yourself

i hate when my friends smoking in public
macam suicide depan public kan?
mostly men
maybe that's the way to show their 'macho-ness'

if you think that the best way to tackle girl
you're wrong man
and as a passive smoking it really dangerous
can effect our health.
so men,do you want your girlfriend die first before both of you marry
so stop killing other people

nak dengar saya jerit cuba la keluarkan rokok dalam rumah
free-free je kena maki
*siapa terasa sila diam :)

please notice that smoking is not good for your health people.
what do you get?
nothing,only lung cancer and asthma.
so, if you dreaming to die soon, keep smoking
alrite :)

and i as a passive smoking really hate when surrounded by smokers.
bau rokok satu badan!

people stop smoking right now
love yourself

*to all smokers out there don't hate me


farahinshabuddin said...

yayaya~ aq pown xsuke bdk2 mrokok~ glad that my dad is not a smoker~ tpi abg aq mrokok kowt~ but,, xkesah la coz dye xpnah rokok dpan femly~ sgt respect~ ^^
normally kalo ade sape2 yg mrokok dpan aq,, ahahahaha aq juz bwat muke gile xpuas ati ar n then tahan nafas pnjang2 bwat cam sesak nafas siket~ biar dye sdar skit~ ahahahaha~ XD

aisyah said...

sama mcm aku straight je,lalu dpn smokers terus tutup mulut dgn hidung
mmg terasa :))))