Thursday, April 28, 2011

together we reach the stars

heading to kedah yesterday
with nadia and sya
feeling excited to attend our first reunion
everyone talking about the event in FB since last month.

for 3 days i keep thinking what to wear
because my school have many rules about what should wear
so if you're going back to your school, you must feel a little bit awkward right?
finally i found my big size pant and the blouse that i just bought

'jiah kenapa dewan macam tak ada orang je.gelap je.dah habis ke?'
seriously we thought that the event had finished so i called shiela.

'shiela dekat mana?kenapa dewan kosong?'
'aku dalam dewanla ni.syafiq tengah bagi ucapan pasal portal ni.ramai orang tengah makan.masukla'
'hah!ramai ke?kitorang lambat,seganla nak masuk'

nahhh,shiela lied!
no one in the hall and yes! nobody on the stage

'did we missed the event?'
*big question mark*

i don't know how to explain
erm,okay actually they said the event start at 10-3pm
so we thought maybe at 10 o'clock bonda will give speech followed by ckg mazlan the one that organized the event and then makan time!
i don't blame the teachers, maybe there are no right schedule about the event so everyone can come at any time and leaved the school whenever they want.

finally i can meet my teachers.

ckg biology teacher.the one that i always make appointment after school to ask about biology.i always ask him during classes,and when i called him
'yes dear, i mean DEER,joking'
i love biology so much but i don't get A+ for spm
*tak ada rezeki :)
sometimes we argued about biology fact
and lastly we referred text book.
he's so nice and caring person.

ckg. chemistry teacher.the only teacher that i met when i had problem solving the equations.he never complain when i asked the same question over and over until i really understand.Do not be surprised when he asked you to roll on the field or stood with one feet at noon.don't trust all his promises.haha!

my walid!my homeroom teacher,my father.
he's biology teacher and really high-spirit to make sure all of us get A's for biology.
he always make extra class and sometimes untill 2am!
his voice can be heard for 300 metres.

my roommate for a year.diela.
she love to laugh so do we always laugh until teacher nurul came and scolded us.

being a student again :)

after zohor we went to village mall to eat.
*psst,the food prepared by teacher already finished.

thank god shiela drove her father's car, cherry mpv.
so eight of us can have our lunch.

she's a good driver :)

we ate pizza and spent 1 hours talking,talking and talking.

meet a'kif
so adorable :)

at 4pm everyone went home.i almost cried because maybe we don't have time to meet again.
why they grow too fast!


Maddalena said...


aisyah said...

thank you maddalena :)

uMi_atiQaH said...

ahhhh..jelez x dpt pegi..tggu reunion ke-2 plak.bila pulak erk..?hehehe...

aisyah said...

tak ada rezeki umi.
tunggu la jugak umi nak blnja ice-cream.haha!
reunion ke-2 tanya mr.president :)

Anonymous said...

ecah.. 2 bukan cikgu mior ka??hihi

Nabila Hanem said...

waaa...bestnye... tak dapat attend ari tu... sdeh...

aisyah said...

wani:ye!ye! ckg mior la :)

nabila:takpe,nnt kita jumpa ye :))))