Saturday, May 7, 2011

mama i love you

happy mother's day!!!!
muah ;)

so we're planning for a great great mother's day this year
nurul and i went to tesco twice bought all the stuff for baking cupcakes and spaghetti.
and then we went to ipoh to take izzati.
actually nurul want to take izzati but my mum worried because she doesn't know how
to park the car.

so here we go!
while farid and mak eating at johnny's
i went to body shop to buy perfume.
*pheww,macam spy je :)

the pictures:


muka takde tangan je jadila :)

happy mother's day mak from your children
*ps:i bought the gift with my OWN money

mak no matter what happen i always by your side and be your angle who save you from anything.
mak,whatever they said about you
mak tak pandai jaga family ke
tak pandai masak ke
malas kemas rumah ke
*hey not me..

'azlah,you should learn from me how to take care of your family.look all my children my son is a lawyer,and my daughter is a doctor in kl...'

stop the nonsense la old lady :)

all of us are well-educated although we're not study abroad or whatsoever
but mak we proud of you and you are the greatest mum in the world!

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