Saturday, January 21, 2012

JANUARY make me feel older


5th JANUARY 2012
too early la people

but still i love january.
new chapter in my life
the starting for everything
not so busy time
and lastly my birthday bebeh!

on 5th January i had had great time with my friends.
this year i celebrated in melaka with them.
i slept at 9pm and woke up at 12 o' clock
too much excited kot

actually i woke up because IZNI called me
the first person who wished me followed by AMAL and ANIS
you guys really sweet lah.
then shiela,jiah,sya,nad,wani texted me.
my BFF 

i had sore throat that night 
sangat malu bila ADEEB FIQRI called 
suara macam ELLA 
thanks for the wish DATO

I thought SUNNY already forgotten my birthday
he called me the next day after class.
'baru ingat nak tarik muka,sampai hati lupa birthday'
'actually nak call semalam,but takut you dah tido *alasan'
you owe me a lunch kan kan
jangan buat lupa

thanks AFAF,AZIZI,AMIRUL,SHERRY habiskan creadit just to call me.

thanks anis for the toblerone
yatt for the cute key-chain capital letter E (echa)
ABEYO for the key chain
SANJI for the cute hippopotamus figure 
*but why hippopotamus because i'm FAT??

and lastly for those who wished me through facebook and twitter
too many,i can't mentioned your name

i love being myself
because i have such a great people in my life
family and friends 

*the last year for number 1 still standing,
next year the new beginning of number 2 (: