Monday, March 5, 2012

believe in God

the best part of life is believe in God.

believe in everything happen has it own reason.
He never give you such a huge problem if you can't handle it.
He never make your life miserable except if you ask for it
*in many ways such as forget Him,never ask forgiveness for whatever sin you had made before etc.
and yet He always hear your pray even though late at night or in the middle of thunder.
there's no such thing that the door for "doa' close after office hour and also during weekends.
our religion is simple dude
just keep uphold in your faith :)

trouble is actually a key to get close with God.
whenever we face problem,what is the first thing we do?
pray and keep praying.
and remind back all the sin we had done before and believe that it's a punishment for everything bad we had done.

God have it own reason for everything happen.
keep you faith high
and never regret (: