Thursday, March 3, 2011

about a girl

as salam and hi all blogger

talking about girl
yes about girl
*kaching kaching
ok i'm girl too
don't get me wrong

mostly girl have same habit
just like me

i love shopping
buying shoes *no 1
too many to be write

shoes are my lover
to be honest with you guys, i must buy at least one pair whenever i go shopping

dan selalunya saya akan pakai kasut yg sama berulang-kali
sampai rosak
then kasut yg baru tu simpan je
*bad habit

so boys,jgn hairanla if you spend a lot of money to buy shoes for your lover

girls love taking pictures
*including me
don't ask me why,i don't have strong reason to be told
maybe that's the way we having fun etc.
and post it to blog
or facebook
or any other social network

and girl doesn't care if they spend their money buying dress or whatever
because it worth!
until they find what they want

it's not easy to find the handbag that really fit
jln satu mall pun belum tentu jumpa
cannot deny la yg perempuan mmg cerewet

understanding girl is same like you reading history book
you need to understand and remember all the fact

boys learn from this quote

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