Wednesday, March 2, 2011

too many word

i can't stop my fingers from typing all this words

i have something to be shared with you guys blogger

i always trying to be perfect
and i always trying to show that i am stronger than others
nobody's perfect
but i'm not believe in that word

the harder i tried the more harder to be a perfect person
i tried to be stronger
facing all the problems without any complain
but inside,i'm not stronger as you seen me

you can easily cheating on me
laughing at me
i didn't take it serious
but inside,i can't stop my heart from crying

you can easily enter my life
and leave whenever you like
i never mad at you
but inside,i'm totally heart broken

seriously,it's not easy to be perfect
or to show how perfect we are
i learned from my mistake
and i will not regret to do the same thing

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