Wednesday, March 2, 2011

can I

i really enjoy watching fun asia
my fav channel
the host is Janet
*the lovely woman :)

when she go to thailand,vietnam,krabi island
i started to imaging
if i have my own program
my own channel

then i have a short conversation with my mum

me:mum can i be an entertainer?
mum:huh?as a singer?
me:no,i wanna be a host for my own Janet in fun asia
mum:oh yes,wearing the bikini
me: cool right?

*ended with my mum and my sister laughs very loud

since i was young i really hope i can be an entertainer

singing my own lyrics while playing guitar or piano
when i be famous i should change my autograph to look more elegant

or be a model
wearing all those branded outfit
*blink blink

or be a host
but i should improve my communication skill first
because i'm worst in communicate with people

lastly i ended up with being nothing
oh well,it just a dream which will not come true
*stop with those word
can i..can i...

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