Wednesday, March 2, 2011

who we are

when i just browsing new site and suddenly i found this blog which kinda
surprised me, a lot.

when i read all the articles she had post to her blog
what can i say,mainly of her post are all about islam
how to be a better muslim

i know,we're to arrogant to confess that we're not good enough as a muslim
bet me.

islam is not just based on our appearance and acting
if we not pray 5 times a day
are we a good muslim?

when we have problem that need to be solved
i can bet at that time we will remind for God
at that moment too we will realized to perform our prayer and doa
*including me

this is one more people habit
we always judge people bay it appearance not inside
if we saw woman not cover her head or in other word not wearing hijab
that doesn't mean that she is not feasible to talk about islam.
people,we should be ashamed because she know more about islam and how to get hidayat

slowly i learned a lot about islam.
all the materials money,joy are just temporary.
if you see that girl wearing LV handbag
then you want it too
but what do you get at last
you learn how to be greedy and concerned about property
am i right?

as my friend ever said,

'kalau kita kejar akhirat,dunia akan mengejar kita'

i still remember her word
inspired me a lot.
and i just think that i'm too much lost in my own world

God,give me a strength to move on with my life
in the right way that You have chosen for me

so take a couple of minutes and think who we are exactly

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