Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's not the end of the world

as salam and congrats to all spm candidates
no matter what ur result are please notice that you're brilliant

the day before i holding my result
have fun with them in kedah
yes! being kedahrian for 3days

bowling for sure
bab-bab bowling ni memang saya score
*walaupun xseberapa
my hobby,so don't blame me girlfriends

8 hours before the red day
reading novel about a boy
recite prayer
and listening to hitz morning crew
everyone talking about spm
but really i fell more relax after listening this words

people,come on spm is nothing
it;s just beginning of your journey
and for sure it's not the end of the world.
when i hv high expectation on my son he said
'mum i'm just an average boy'
then i realise everyone have it own way
no matter what u get you just open the door
let the opportunity come

thank you so much!
you make me feel relieve

apa-apa pun yg saya dapat syukur alhamdulillah
allah still give me chance in my life
i'm so grateful

before ambil result mak dah text
check result using sms

so 5 minit sblm dapat result dah tau saya dpt apa
although i got only 5A's i still grateful
*well done :)

so friends well done

*my expression :)

ps:thank you farah,saya menang juga pertandingan tu dgn mempertaruhkan gambar yg xseberapa ahaha!
refer blog farah


Syifa Zukhri said...

WOAAAAA ecah dapat shawl ! and the result, congrats :)

nabilah daud said...

apa pun syukur

adzeem mahadzir said...

tahniah ecah !!
tumpang gumbira :)

Azizi Afiq said...

Pic cannot gii. Haha. Congrate anyway (;

aisyah said...

syifa:TQ :)

nab/;iye betul2
adzeem:TQ and you too
zz:hahah! agreed :)