Monday, March 28, 2011

the real me

at last i can post something

busy browsing and searching all kind of universities and yes
so tired

heading to karnival jom masuk u
for collecting more information about course that i choose
well it's worth
walauoun sgt packed dgn students

ok,kenapa saya suka memalukan diri sendiri
don't have strong reason
first i entering the room or what should i called it
booth? yeah
i don't realise that the floor not stable
kayu so mcm x balance sgt
then when i stepped in
yes! saya jatuh depan org ramai
sgt memalukan and my file bertebangan
don't use this word ok.

bangun dan teruskan berjalan dgn perasaan yg malu
imaging people yg sgt packed 200+
watching u and smiling


after spending 3hours then
mak jom makan!
3in 1
dania ikut sekali so mmg menyusahkan

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