Saturday, March 12, 2011

should parents 'friend' their children?

as salam and hi all bloggers

there something i want to share with you guys

should parents 'friend' with their children?

when i read this magazine,something catch my eyes
the article about social life between parents and their kids.

so,what do you guys think?

you know right facebook was dominated by people under the age of 25.
well this is the right time for having fun.
facebook account is private and no one can open it without permission including parents.
this is the only place you can hide your boyfriend picture without letting they know.
no more diary.

usually people that we've friended are same status and age like us.
so,it's more easily to share something or discussing about teenager.
our parents nowadays have also facebook account.don't think they're out of date ok.

if your parents add you as a friend,should you accept or deny?
thinking about,they will know what you do in school,who your friend and everything.
so what your choice?

but there are children that accept their parent request after introducing strict boundaries,prohibiting her mother from commenting on photos or getting know his/her friends.

but,there have also children that feel comfortable to be friend with their parents.
no strict rule just do as what a friend do.

tapi,kalau asyik terpampar comment from parents dalam semua post and pictures
apa pendapat you all?

chatting dgn kawan tiba-tiba muncul your parents dkat chat box

and saying,sembang dgn siapa,bila nak tido

so if parents think faceboook is the right place to keep an eye on their children
notice that they want some space and privacy.

be an understanding parents :)

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