Tuesday, March 8, 2011

they wasted the chance

as salam dearest bloggers
so how's your day?

mine,getting worst

texting with my friends yesterday planning to hang out together as the mark of women day
but,they just waste the chance

don't ever promise if you can't make it
understand girlfriends?

when someone texting you in 1.00am saying that she will join you but then change her mind just for 10 minutes.
really make me mad
*what a joke

i'm too excited digging-in my closet and searching for the outfit and in just a minute she make me mad

i'll rather spend my time alone,eating ice-cream or maybe watching movie alone
it's more better than keep a promise

*i always use 'sigh' word to describe how worst my feeling right now

no offense,i'm cool :)

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