Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how to deal your brother

I'm not too expert in dealing with this thing.
and I know I'm not good in writing an article .
but just to share with bloggers out there
come on,open your mind and kindly share with me.

so,how to deal with your brother.
why i mention brother
it's more difficult to deal with boy rather than girl

i have brother,and believe me it's not easy to handle him.
sometimes he really get me crazy
yelling,scolding are not the best thing to deal with a stubborn brother
what else?

as I'm not expert in this thing,so i have to ask my friends
usually boys,because they know more than me right?
they always says

'biarla aisyah,zaman budak-budak memang la macam tu,tambah-tambah lagi budak lelaki memang terkenal la dengan kenakalannya.cannot blame us jugak.nnt dia dah besar barula dia mature sikit.pemikiran lelaki not just based on main je,belajar belajar juga'

BTTS,how to deal with them.

1.sometimes we have to give them chance to play around
give them times

2.do not always follow their will.sometimes we have to be strict

3.be nice and they will be nice too

4.canning is not the solution

5.try to talk with them as a sister/parent

6.give fully attention to them

7.show good examples

8.do not yelling ok.

here my tips.if you have some tips kindly share with me


sayer SAYANGfifi said...

kakak yg baek..

aisyah said...

amatttt la baik

shafiq zulhilmi said...

thats true. be nice to us and we'll be nice to u...GIRLS! :d

tp the canning thing is solution kepade budak2 liat solat la sbb tu Nabi yang ajar :)

aisyah said...


parent boleh rotan anak2 bukan dgn marah tapi dgn kasih sayang :)

*woot woot