Friday, April 1, 2011


1st april 2011

sekejap je dah bulan april
time goes so-fast la
now i,m just siting on the chair and let the time past by
so many sweet memories to be remembered

ok,forget about the past
imaging pula apa yg akan jadi in future

maybe 20 years later
i'm just sitting in front of tv watching how i meet your mother again and again
drinking anlene and a slice of red velvet cheese cake rich in milk to prevent osteoporosis
and having such a 'boring' life

ok stop,i'm not too old okay
20 years later maybe i'm already get the doctor title
having my own clinic
driving an expensive car
live in a big house with my family
mak and opah insyaallah
to watching me grow bigger everyday
and to give me the strength to move on with my life

opah,i'm still remember your words
watching me on the altar *pelamin*
*i'm still holding your words

suddenly this conversation between farid and opah pop up in my mind

opah:nanti birthday farid opah bagi duit ye
farid:birthday ayid lmbat lagi bulan sembilan.ntah ada ke tak?
opah:kenapa kamu nk pegi mana?
farid:takla opah, ada ke pun lagi time tu.
opah:ahhh,lupa opah dah tua.
*bite nails

everyone getting older
including me for sure
no more comics
no more colouring books
no more lollipop everyday

you're matured now

i still remember when i was young
every morning my parents went to work and left me to the neighbor's house
so, abah woke up so early to rush to ipoh.
before he left,dia akan dukung saya sampai ke rumah jiran because i pretend that i still sleeping at that moment.
i still can smell his leather jacket that he wore everyday

i miss that moment

i hope my life never change at all

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