Sunday, April 24, 2011

thank you

hi bloggers,firstly i want to say
for your kindness to read my blog
*useless blog
thank you
thank you
thank you

someone comment in my post said that she hope i can write fully in english.
she's an american.
wait a minute


i usually write in two languages
bahasa, english and sometimes it become mang-lish

but there are some post that i wrote fully in english.
so you can refer that post if you're interested.

and thank you emma for your comment.
she said that i'm a good tutor to-be.
*jaw hanging.

btw,don't forget to catch Hijab Fashion Week HFW this year
i'm one of the participant for the HFW
this May if i'm not mistaken.
go digging the HFW blog and 'cedok' all of their ideas for a perfect outfit

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