Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy monday bloggers
really excited to post something

do you have any nickname?
and people always call you by that name?
tak kisahla time kecik ke,high school or maybe before you get married?

siti aisyah

when i was kid,my ustaz always call me a'isyah
sound like arabic
and i hate when he called me in class.
'ustaz nama saya aisyah la'
'a'isyah kan?betul la.'
*muka tak puas hati sambil jalan ke meja.
he learnt arab so don't blame him.that's the right way to pronounce my name.

and when i was 15teen
i have a friend,nickname may
she always call me cha cha cha
every time she call me i will look at her and pretend that i'm a baby.
doesn't it sound cute.cha cha cha.right?
so don't blame me bloggers.

and sherry (my bff) always call me cah.
she has a loud voice and the whole class can hear her voice.
imaging she called my name
*4 seconds awesomeness

and during my high school, my friends call me ecah
actually i have been use that name for ages.
when i was young,main bola dgn budak lelaki and prentend that i'm boyish la.
so i need a new nickname that sound like a boy.
tak kan nak guna nama aisyah hilang macho
so i pick that name.
*ecah doesn't sound like a boy at all.i know

and all my non-malay friends call me eisya
maybe they can't pronounce aisyah.
every time they call me with that name i will laugh.
but i get used to it.

and now to make it short, simple and commercial
i use aisyahrazak in social networks and definitely for my blog.
it sound more simple and natural.
when other bloggers meet me they call me
'hai aisyahrazak'
simple right?

so anyone want to share with me about your nicknames that nobody know before this.
do drop your comment.
psst, the whole world will know about your nicknames ok
so think carefully


sekamar rindu said...


singgah pagi folo ur blog...

sayer SAYANGfifi said...

syela sherry(cah's bff) name ak..nanges terharu nie..

Cik Maymay said...

cha cha cha ! awhh . so sweet , dear . lama tak announce nick tu sejak terpisah dulu . hee . jumpa kau nanti , imma hug you till you faint out ! ♥

Cik Maymay said...

awhh , so sweet dear . nantilahh . bila kita reunite balik t , imma hug you till you lose all the o2 . hahaha !

aisyah said...

sekamar rindu:tysm :)

sherry:jLo the most popular nickname i ever heard.HAHA

cik maymay:awww,so sweet.hug me till i faint.omg.I need more O2.

sayer SAYANGfifi said...

haish..jgn ungkit nickname ak..bhaha..nnt ak wat post cm kaw jgak..best3..