Tuesday, April 12, 2011

try my luck

ohmaigod,imaging me sitting in front of notebook waiting for the kplspm and upu announce
names for those qualified for the interview

thanks izana for informing me ye :)
Insyaalah,everyone have their own luck
believe in Allah s.w.t friends
HE know what the best for you.

so i decide to try my luck
grab my portfolio and all the papers
be prepared by reading lates news worldwide
writing 2 pages essay about teaching profession
*i hate being in this situation

so here i am,sitting in front of notebook for 3 hours
printing all the stuff.seriously it make me crazy.
thinking about the date for the interviews and the places that are not same at all

*for merbokians yang ada simpan question time mock interview hari tu do share with me ya.
terhilang ;)


nabilah daud said...

ecah.Alhamdulillah.rezeki hang.buat yang all out tau.aku sentiasa doa kat kwn2 aku.all the best tau ! :))))

aisyah said...

trima ksih nab :)))
aku pun doakan korang juga
insyaallah ;)

EyZ@n@ An@z! said...

thniah aisyah gud luck :D
interview wat leklok na...:D

aisyah said...

thanks izana
love u

uMi_atiQaH said...

rilex2 time intrview nnt..wat yg trbaek pny k..hehe.gud luck!

aisyah said...

umi;i try my best
TQ ;)