Tuesday, May 10, 2011

accept the differences

I've been so busy lately preparing all the stuffs,print out all the papers
i hate working with machines because it make me flare up!
i just printed all the papers needed before i went to uitm
with lot of patient
sometimes the paper stuck or the ink leak.

i know machines are needed in our life.
but sometime i wish machines do not exists
or it just me don't know how to use it?

aisyah welcome to 2000!
10 years passed.

yeah,we have to accept the differences.
everything around us,such as environment.
no more trees grow up at the backyard.no more green grass.
structures everywhere.

no more warung nasi lemak mak nah at the junction.
if you wish to eat nasi lemak go to western restaurants.
secret recipe,old town,mcDonald,KFC,.

dondang sayang no longer play in the radio.
hey,tak mainla lagu klasik
now we like k-pop,indie,underground,english songs.

people no more using a big hand-phone with antenna on top of it.
we use blacberry,iphone,ipad and smartphone.
it's cooler than other.

no more teenagers hang out at mamak stalls
they prefer pavilion,bukit bintang,klcc shopping malls.

everyone been busy update-ing their ipod with latest songs.
because it's embarrassing if we don't know who the singer and the title of the song.

welcome to 2011 everybody

everything had changed
except ourself.
mind the way we think,because for sure our perception about one thing may be changed due to our new surrounding right?

so i try to accept the differences when i study in uitm melaka
different place with different 'loghat'
yeah,i will


adzeem mahadzir said...

melake melake melake..

aisyah said...

*mood melake