Tuesday, May 10, 2011

being hypocrite are needed

i know it's sound weird
but please read carefully before you judge me.

i know mostly we hate being hypocrite or people who being so hypocrite toward us right?
it's feel so terrible and sometime we hope we can kill or punch on his/her face who being hypocrite
until we're satisfied.
*evil laugh

but, before we judged other people,please read and understand these scenario:

1.your boss ask you to attend a formal event and you know everyone will wear a formal attire or black tie dress code and you are kinda of person that like to wear street wear or casual.
will you change your style to satisfy you boss needed?

2.your boyfriend is a busker or street dancer.and you know he likes to wear something casual such as printed tee,gabby jeans,with a baseball cap.one day he ask you to join his group.so will you try to dress like them so that you will not feel awkward or just be yourself?

3.your friend ask you to join her/him for a dinner at street stalls,and you're kind of picky person who always care about your standard.as a faithful friend,you are willingly to join her/him.so what are you going to wear for that dinner?

enough with the questions.
so now take a break and try answer according to your own opinion.

now listen to my opinion.

to make it simple, sometimes it is needed to be hypocrite.
as you don't want to feel awkward,or act like a fool right?
so it a must to try to look as same as people around you.
but sometime we can be as the way we are.no need to act like a strange person.

no need to cover our mouth when we laugh if we attend a formal event.
no need to act like a dude when surrounded by 'cool' people.no need to wear printed tee,
EAT DIRT with baggy jeans and walk like a hip-hop.
believe me you will look more stupid and funny.
try to balance your personality with the environment.
if you eat at mamak stall or warung please don't wear your prada shoes,with gucci clutch and branded dress.it just don't suitable.
people will say
'eleh,bajet minah salleh je.makan dekat kedai mamak je'

so it's is not a crime if you being hypocrite for a certain time right?

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