Monday, May 16, 2011

overwhelming day with them

last sunday I had such a wonderful day
unforgettable day with them
my old friends during primary school
never keep in touch for about 5 years

i remember,we play hide and seek together
eating ais kacang on the bench during recess
and teacher scolded us because our scarf get dirty
childhood time :)

so yesterday they came to my house and we made a small reunion
there are 16 all of us
OMG! i can't remember their names!
i can't remember their faces
why they grow too fast!

'fir,siapa yg pakai baju biru tu ye?'
'lahhh,tu izuhair la'
'omg siapa ni?aku tak kenal!'



5 minit kemudian:

sangat tidak puas hati then i decided to say hi.

'hi!iizuhair ye?'
'yg mana satu ye?tak kenal!'
'sampai hati kau'
'tak sebab dulu skema je.that's why tak ingat'
'aku nak balik la!'
*all of us laughed

this is normal situation when you're never keep in touch with your friends for a long time.
i mean really long time :)

all the food prepared by my mum and i
ehem,ehem, the red velvet cupcakes made by me.HANDMADE you!

ahhh, i missed the moment when we laughed together
riding bicycles to the park
threw the letter to another person while ckg. rafiah bubbling

say whoaaa!!!

syira and syarifah

munirah and fatin ;)

look at the cupcakes ! haha

the most sweet friends i ever had

special thank to my mum :)
and you guys for made my day
don't blame me for not remember your names
i'm blur
capacity ala-ala goldfish
i know