Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cross fingers

sibuk lagi uruskan itu ini
biasala buat kerje last-minute

pagi tadi pergi ke bank untuk uruskan macam-macam hal.
then i met my old friend
macam biasa cakap hi!
then let's move to the main topic!
'dapat mana?'
we're talking and talking about an hour and then at last both of us made serious expression
when she asked me 'kalau dapat ipg pegi tak?'

i tried to arrange all the words in my mind but i can't
this topic make me crazy.

then i sat and keep thinking about my future
what will happen if i go to this university or what will i be for the next 6 years.
gosh! i can't predict for my future.

every time i face such a difficult situation that need me to decide
i will say 'ahhh,never mind i think i will die before that day.'

sound stupid right?
seriously,i always have the same feeling for many times
UPSR,PMR,SPM,result day,and many more.

you can't run from your own problem.
you can't deny all the mistakes that you made.
you can't keep hiding for ages

jangan jadi macam saya
bila susah sikit fikir 'i wanna die!'
lemah habis!
memang la ini serious matter
tapi tetap kena decide jugak bukan?
sampai bila nak fikir?
3 tahun,10 tahun?

be strong and confident
no matter what happen believe in yourself
and don't forget to pray
you can choose but HE decide everything

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