Wednesday, June 29, 2011

age is just a number

i don't know why,suddenly i realize that I'm 18-teen now!
what a huge number .
but age is just a number right? it's not a big deal.

but then i recall back the time when i know how to ride a bicycle,how to use mobile phone,how to wash shoes.... I'm getting older!

okay,maybe I'm 18 now but i never behave like what 18-teen person should do.
i mean, i should be more matured right?
and perhaps act like a teenager that will turn 20th 2 more years.

it's not easy to do if you're still thinking that you're a little girl with big ribbon on your head and holding a lollipop.
*big NO

since I'm studying in university, all my room mates say that I like a 10 years old.
the way I'm talking, facial expression and maybe my attitude.

hey,I'm not a kid just the special ways to say that 
'hey,look at me I'm friendly and super-cool!'

but yeah seriously i never think that I'm 18.
that's why they keep talking 
'hey i think you really need a boyfriend to make yourself look like a real 18 '
ahhh,stop all the nonsense.

w-h-o-c-a-r-e !

* i like to use this word :)

being 18 doesn't mean that you should wear stiletto with long skirt and blouse, carry a handbag or maybe using iPhone or iPad and drink a cup of coffee in Starbucks.
and listen to Mozart songs. 

*why it sound so sceptical.

never mind.

just be yourself.
no need to change yourself to someone else that are really different than yourself.
 think that you are unique and special.

this picture really look like a kid right?
never mind

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