Thursday, June 30, 2011

nosy people please shut up

as salam and hi readers!
how your day?
never mind.

i don't have much time to update my blog because of pack schedule, assignment
and lot more thing to do.
but now i have much time to write something.

okay let start.
actually this topic has been too long in my mind but i always forgot to post it.
so here we go.

N-O-S-Y  P-E-O-P-L-E

nosy people
nosy people
nosy people
nosy people
nosy people

shut up!

have you ever surrounded or have a friend that are so noisy.
when you talk with other person that suddenly he/she talk with loud voice and jump into the ending of the story.

have you watched the transformer? i love the part when he.. blablabla'
'oh the part when the robot try to jump from the building! haha it's funny'

first,that person suddenly interrupt, and the best part is that person say wrong thing.

ohmaigod,please nosy people,if you really want to be a nosy person think first what the topic is about before you interrupt.
at least you say the right thing
but it's still annoying.
ermm, no..
okay yes.

i have a friend that is so noisy and annoying.
when i start talking she suddenly turn her chair and laugh.

that's really annoying.

nosy people please take note okay:

people doesn't like nosy people.AT ALL
nosy people are annoying.

nosy people should stay at home at talk with their pets.
-nigahiga- :)

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