Thursday, June 30, 2011

you stalk me

he stalk my profile
which one?
A, B or that boy?

nahh,i'm joking.
nobody stalk my facebook.
i'm not famous.
i'm nothing

but it's a fact.
do you know, someone else are reading your information in facebook now?


it's true.
the moment  you agree with the conditions, everyone can read your information
your photos,email,age.
so if anonymous add you.
don't ever reply

'i don't know you.stop stalking me!'

that person not stalking you okay.

 don't write something personal in your facebook account
don't ever do it.
it's an order

you know what i mean right?

not just your facebook account,your blog too.
some person like to make blog as their personal diary.
write everything happen yesterday, month.

'today i wake up late and i don't bring my assignment.OMG'

and some person like to make their blog as a place to write fully about their lover
mostly girls.

'baby, i miss you so much.i'm wearing your shirt right now'

nobody what to know about you lover okay.

i never say that my blog is 100% pure and the best blog ever.
but at least i know what to write *at least

listen this song.simple and nice
the vocalist so cool-hot-cool
okay hot

aww,so cute :)

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