Wednesday, June 8, 2011


melaka memang panas

why i'm telling you this thing?


i love to wear lotion because it smell good and soften my skin.but i never try it in melaka because melaka is a hot place.

so i just try it and let we see the result:

frst 5 minutes:
still look and smell good

after 30 minutes:
sweating and smelly

during lunch, i went to cafe to buy a drinking you know when you're wearing lotion during hot day,your hand will sweating right?
so try imaging what's going on later.

someone push me form my back and the bottle dropped and rolled straight under the refrigerator.

*how i'm supposed to take back the bottle?

then came a group of seniors and asked me.

'what happen?'
i just pointed at the bottom of the refrigerator

so this guy laid on the floor and picked the bottle.
the he said,anything else?
*being so sarcastic

then his friends said,hey look he try to be a gentleman!
everyone look at me and laughed.

so i grabbed my file and walked out.
again, i dropped my file.
*oh shit!

they smile and said 'walk carefully'

don't wear lotion during hot day
* i learn from that mistake :)


h[a]ni$ said...

ecah3... lwk weyh... seyes lwk.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA....


aisyah said...

lawak apa bendenya
malu aku kot :))))