Saturday, June 11, 2011


salam and hi readers :)

since i'm living in Malacca (eleh,baru 3 minggu)
so it a must to get know all the places in Malacca right?

kota A'Famosa
menara Taming Sari
Christ church Melaka
malacca river
jonker walk

this are some of Malacca attractions

3 of us (izni,fatin,kila-birthday girl) planning to go to mahkota parade.
my friend in utem also want to join us.
so let's go!

10 am arrived in alor gajah terminal bus.
then took a bus to melaka central.and lastly we decided to take a cab because we're not familiar with the places in malacca.
although malacca is a small city *haha
about an hour and 30 minutes to go to mahkota parade.
but it's worth :)

if you never been to Malacca city,you will easily be confused by the arrangement of the building.
the arrangement of the building is so unique.
now,you in mahkota parade,suddenly you in dataran pahlawan and then you in hatten mall.
and then you can go to A Famosa from the shopping mall.
just 2 minutes!

then we went to A famosa.
you can see colorful trishaws with loud music.
you can get around by foot or trishaw.just choose!
there are lot of vintage red building
perfect place to take a picture.
the river cruise,muzium kapal samudera,christ church and then jonker walk.
i love the baba nyonya building.

izni:echa,jom tangkap gambar (holding a canon ixus camera)
me:seganla izni,everyone holding dslr.
*hey,canon ixus not too bad okay

fyi,all of them have dslr (power tak?)

then we went to jonker walk.
my favorite place in malacca!
it almost 7pm so all of the worker arranged table in front of their shops to sell their stuff.
it's a small street in Chinatown in the city centre.
so it's like uptown but more organize and colorful.

i give 10 out of 10!
now i really love Malacca
great place for photography
great place for shopping
*but not for me la,pokai :D

my room mate, izni

fatin and kila *birthday girl!

we're super girl *haha!

p/s:mum don't worry, i'm not buying anything during the don't assume that i have spend a lot of money okay?


Anonymous said...

amboi budak gedik pakai tudung gedik.hahaha!mak kate pon gedik.haha.

devotee of life.

aisyah said...


berganda gedik-nya

stop using anonymous.trauma