Monday, June 20, 2011

if i could escape

suddenly i miss you badly echa

i miss you too!!
like hell

ahhh, i miss them so much.
everyone busy with their classes, assignment task.
nobody will reply my message although i text
urgent! please read!
so dramatic

living with someone else doesn't mean you have to forget all your old friends!
i still remember my old friends during high school
i still text-ing with them, chatting, wishing happy birthday
look! i still the same me.

i need to find new friends here.
survive by my own
surrounded by weird creatures in the world!
i hate to say, but it's true

it's hard to stick with the same person that share same interest and go crazy.
dude,baru satu bulan kat melaka! come on la.
yeah i know.don't blame me.
my mind doesn't act like what i'm thinking right now.
stupid little brain!

hey, ***** mcm mana kat sana?okay?

he's turning 360!

people can easily change
that's a fact right?

okay stop the nonsense
if i could escape from this feeling

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