Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i proud to be your friend

hi bloggers!

amiirul texted me

'no class this evening.full stop! haha'

so yeay!

last night i have a group discussion about the school project which will be conducted by us this mid-term holiday

i text-ed with shiela,fir,sya who else?
while the class rep. talking about the project.
who cares!

i used to text something stupid when i bored.
kinda a person that want to commit suicide and send a message to his/her BF/GF

my first victim:

'shiela i miss you sooo much ;(


'i miss you too!'

then we start messaging each other.

second victim:

'sya, i love you.'

'huh,i know you're bored.stop lying'

yeah,she's the only one that will noticed every stupid action that i do.
there must be the strong reason why i do that.
*psst,she has six senses

then i realized, ohmaigod all my friends are going to be a lawyer,engineer,doctor,architect.pharmacist.


some of them are doing foundation before flying to Japan, India, Australia.

they're learning calculus,science,human anatomy,chemistry,physics.
carrying calculus book everywhere.

ok stop.
have you feel the same feeling?
being the only one in a group that are not soo-cool.
i mean yeah,i'm not learning how to be a doctor
how to be a dentistry (my big dream since primary school)
how to be a pharmacist
how to build a building
how to be a lawyer

i'm so proud having friends that are soo-cool
really-really cool

'who say you're not cool?'

I said it

stop blogging,finish all your assignment!
okay :)

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