Friday, June 24, 2011

this is the real one

living in a university full of weird creatures.
mostly the girls.
everyone trying their best to follow new trend, fashion
or in other words being a trendsetter

you can see some of them wearing shawl like a gypsy 
you know, kinda a shawl with  jewelry hanging at the bottom.

some of them wearing a midi-length skirt with legging and a blouse and match it with pashmina

and some of them try to be so-vintage wearing pleated skirt with t-shirt and shoulder-pad blazer match with clutch and sneakers.

and mainly they try so hard to wear satin shawl and do like Hana Tajima style.
she's the one that start to wear satin shawl and followed by the rest.

the problem is,they wear differently than her!
belit sini belit sana
pin sini pin sana
and let the rest of the shawl hanging and blow by the air.
same like Hindustan films. 

so stop being a trendsetter that bring wrong message to other person.
please watch this video first okay?

get the idea?
now you can wear her style :)

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