Tuesday, July 26, 2011


don't ask me why recently all my posts sounds stupid,useless 
and i don't know how to describe but i'm pretty sure it sound like i'm going to die

one thing for sure
it's not about couple or etc

but if you say this statement maybe it's true
that I'M BROKE!

stop laughing.
okay why Malaysia so hot
specifically M-E-L-A-K-A
*it's a fact
gosh,imaging me sitting in air-conditioner room but i still feel same like i'm standing under the sun.

done complaining about weather. 
let's move on to new topic!

sometime i feel like i'm lost in my own life
'but you're wearing contact lenses right?'
yeah, i'm not blind!

it just you feel empty
it's suddenly happen
without any reason

everything you do you can't finish it
there's no end
suddenly you feel like to shout or just write it down on your diary
but it never help

for those who feel emptiness