Sunday, July 31, 2011

selamat berpuasa

*jangan nak buatbuat tak ingat ye :)

i remembered 2 years ago when i spent ramadhan in kedah with my friends
full of joyous and we had fun!

i felt like the new me when it come to fasting month.
i don't know why.
it's like nur brighten my face and washed out all my sins before.

yesterday i went to Malacca wit my room mates
amal izni and anis
to buy some stuff for ramadhan and enjoy last day before fasting.
for sure our trip full of 

i bought al-quran because i left it in home.
it's a must for fasting month.
every year mesti cuba khatam al-quran
sebab bulan puasa banyak keberkatan dan pahala

after half an hour walking in mahkota parade,dataran pahlawan
suddenly i felt pain on my right shoulder.
seriously it's hurt.
'amal,sakit bahu la.i need someone to massage my shoulder'
'sakit sangat ke? your bag tu berat sangat kot.what did you put in your bag?'


'oh my god! amal  i think ini balasan untuk segala dosa yang i buat. i put al-quran in my bag!'
'what a stupid joke.but yeah,you deserved it.haha!'

i know it kinda funny but this conversation really make me realized.
everything that i did before this.
the bad thing,things that i KNOW i shouldn't do it.

so for this fasting month, leave behind all the bad thing that you USUALLY do before this.
let's we celebrate ramadhan with new attitude,new personality 
and just be the new person!