Monday, August 1, 2011

let's make it simple

first day fasting in melake.

such a great experience
 but for someone that usually experience fasting month away from their family,it's not special anymore.

but it's still great experience.

5.30pm and i already deciding what to eat for berbuka.
too early right?
hari pertama berpuasa,biasala :)

and first day puasa lagu raya dah on air kat radio.
macam, it's too early la man.
you make me thinking about going home eating rendang,ketupat,kuih raya.
baju raya pun tak beli lagi.

my target for this year
i want to make ramadhan this year more simple and not wasting money.
pergi bazar baru half way dah beli macam-macam makanan dan tak makan.
perut dah full,tak larat macam-macam alasan.
so people buy food that you will eat it.okay
jangan membazir :)

happy ramadhan people