Friday, July 8, 2011

please be my boyfriend

guess what
i watched transformer

okay noob
everyone already watch that movie okay

 good movie
i really enjoy and yeah it's worth!

i laughed,cry and then screaming and laughed back.
i'm so emotional 

there' a part when the robots make a joke.

but no one respond.
everyone so serious except me
i laughed and said 'ohmaigod so funny'
*everyone looked at me
maybe you will understand it if you know robot language

oh my, why optimus prime so handsome?
when he erm it ermm the robot ( i don't know what should i call)
change into robot i was stunning and i said
'be my boyfriend please?????'

why they change the actress?
where's Megan Fox?
but it still okay
except the part when she's running wearing high heels and white jacket
it doesn't make sense -.-

i give five out of five
for the graphic,images,plot
really cool

ps* i will dreaming about them the Red Alert,Ironhide Sideswipe,Cliffjumper and for sure bumblebee!
*u will be mine :)

fatin :)

after watching transformer 


senorita. said...

shawl cantik pakai cantik orgnye pon manis je hehe aja kak yas please ;p;p

aisyah said...

haha! cik bam ada boleh ajarkan