Tuesday, July 19, 2011

small thing in my mind

when you friend with someone
don't cross the line
don't let your mind control your feeling
don't ever think to be more than friend 
because it's suck.

it will make you feel awkward.
imaging someone that really close to you
who listening to your problem everyday
spend a long day at the park while drinking coke
become your special one.
doesn't it sound weird and of course awkward!

okay listen 
maybe i don't need a special person in my life for this time being
i just need a best friend
that's it!

who willingly to be by my side whenever i need 
spend money just to call me 
text-ing although it just a simple conversation
take care of me when i sick
and the one that always popped in my mind

believe me, best friend is more precious than other
don't be ashamed to admit that you're in love with your best friend
it's trivial thing people ;)

i lucky to have you as my best friend
can i say that i'm in love with you 
ahahha kiddin :)