Saturday, August 27, 2011

i have change

you never think that i can do it.

you always think that i don't know anything
you always treat me like a kid who need someone to guide.
a little girl that might be lost in her own life.

no, i'm not!

that's the reason why i always pretend that i know everything
and i can do everything by my own.
i hate when you said

'you have to do it by your own.don't wait others to do it for you.huh, there are lot of things you should learn.'

do you think, you know everything?
i'm not a kid anymore

'she/he really cares about you,but she/he doesn't know how to show it.'
stop the craps!

if you really want to take care of me, why you said something that really make me hurt?
why you have to do annoying face when i try to say something?
why you have to say something that show you know everything?
why you have to make me feel like a loser?
why i have to be a stupid person?

please give me the reasons.

that's why i hate to talk with you.
i hate to share with you about new things.
i hate to ask your opinion
i hate you.
really, i hate you.

don't blame me.
you're the one that treat me like i'm a loser, doesn't know anything,the perfect word
i'm stupid.
yes i'm stupid

i never regret in making any decision and  i never regret to have you in my life.