Monday, August 22, 2011

i owe you a big time

last weekend i'm so excited to packing all my stuff and took a bus to TBS

where are we going
to KL
where are we going
to KL
*dora the explorer :)

so around 2pm we arrived at TBS and straight to masjid jamek
such a heaven for women
because the place full of colorful baju kurung, kebaya,shawls and etc 
right place to buy baju kurung for raya at a reasonable price.

imagine my friends and i being pushed by people 
who are so eager to buy things.
it's like an ocean full of fishes 
walking in different way and keep pushing you till you can't stop for a minute to buy your ideal baju kurung.
we just stared and keep walking :)

after buying all the stuff
*i mean them,not me
we stopped at the corner to take a breath
then my friend yelled 
"echa, my purse!'
'what do you mean by my purse?'
''it's gone!'

she didn't realize when her purse was stolen.
we went to police office and make a report.
things in her purse:

identity card
bank card
tickets bus to melaka*3 of us

thank god i know where is JPN to make new ID, bank islam to blocked her card and make the new one.
the main point is we were walking to maju junction area and spent for about 3hours to settle it down.

5pm we went back home.
and some rest for the next day

the next day, we went to BB.
still eager for shopping although we are running out of money.
from sungai wang we move to TS.
ala-ala jalan-jalan cari makan kan?
so packed of people
teenagers mostly -.-'

we were deciding to go to danau kota uptown but amani need some rest.
'amani, let's go'
'amani, you said you want to go to upown'
i was talking to the tv

btw, i love spending my weekends with them
have fun before we went back to melaka

psst, currently in melaka while posting this :)