Monday, August 15, 2011

trying to be nice

salam and hi blogger!
salam ramadhan
*cepat-cepat la raya ;)

now i'm in new college TUN HASSAN
ROOM 118
*saja buat iklan mana tau ada siapa-siapa nak datang lawat haha.

i just want to share something that i have been thinking about it lately.
if you don't mind please share your opinion blogger!

it just random post okay,no offence.

people like to give respond for those who are more attractive and have a pleasant attitude.
when he/she say something, everyone will give attention and respond
in fact, it's not their idea at all!
they just get it from people who are shy and and afraid to give their brilliant opinion.
in other word, from a community of NERD and not so-FAMOUS people 

what do you think?

i have been through this before
errm, always??
but i'm not trying to say that i'm NERD person.
it just happen.
the thing is, i have said it before but they don't give any respond
when other person said it all of the class give respond
it is still the same


i hate when it happen to me.
i want to scream
'hey! she copy my words! i'm the one who said it first!'
do you think they will believe in you?
*bite nails

people, world never judge you by your heart
they judge you by your appearance

by your flawless skin
by your slim shape body
by your big eyes

that's the only reason i want to highlight
don't blame yourself.
they have no right to be a selfish.
it just you, who are so nice with them :)