Saturday, August 13, 2011


lostsomeone said they don't need anyone to guide them 
someone said they can live without a guidance
someone said they are strong enough and good enough to live.
someone think they are clever and don't need anyone to guide them

but i said, i need someone to guide me
i need someone to say that i have made wrong decision
i need someone that said
'hey so many grammatical errors lah dey'

we're not perfect enough to say that 'hey i'm right!'
sometimes we have to admit that we're wrong
we have to accept when someone say ' your answers are wrong,you should change it'

it's not a crime to ask for someone help
'is it right?'
'should i change it to blabla so that i will sound much better'
'do you think my words are good enough?'
'can you list some of the bombastic word?'
but don't forget to say
t-h-a-n-k  y-o-u :)

when someone say 'you should change it to is lah'
don't ever reply
'yeah i know,it just misspelling okay.not a big deal'

learn to accept others opinion okay
mak saya kata, if you want to success in your life, let them be a teacher