Thursday, September 15, 2011

crossed finger

it's getting worse

special notes dedicate to my lovely mum *smile

mum, i' m sorry for not calling you for the past 3 weeks. I've been busy studying for my test.all the lecturers are being cruel to me. they push me to study and do well for the test.mum, it's not my fault. whenever i read the book, it's like i'm watching a transformer movie.i need to finish it *smirk. btw mum, i will sit for final exam this Monday september the 19th. i know it's your birthday. do you still want to celebrate it? no need la. kidding! i will call you, believe in me. i believe when people said doa seorang ibu sangat berkat. so, please pray for me.

p/s: psttt, i love you and i miss you so need to reply because i know you will say 'whatthehell are you talking about!' kiddin.

i put smiley face to brighten your day (: