Saturday, October 29, 2011

i have wings!

hi people !
so how's your weekend?
doing great?
mine is awesome

except for the misunderstanding between several people but it's okay.
just one more thing that i can't forget,food in pizzahut.
have you tried the new pizza,ultimate cheezy or whatsoever.
it doesn't taste as good as they show dalam iklan yang beriya sedap tu.
biasa je.thing that made me angry was about the spaghetti.
i had tasted it before memang ok la.
but this time,it really plain,no garlic,seasoning,salt.
i paid rm10 for that spagetti! 
siapa tak marah bukan?

okay done.
now i'm happy cause i can spend my time with my gorgeous sistah !

the best shoot of today.haha

can you see me? i'm flying

i love wearing rings. i mean R-I-N-G-S !

end my day with tutti-frutti